Professional Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill E File 30000RPM Portable Machine

Professional Multifunctional: Designed with 6 different metal parts and 3000-30000 RPM adjustable. Low heat, low noise, low vibration. Powerful and smooth enough for natural acrylic nails, gel polish powder nails as well as dead cuticle, callus removal. Professional for home and salon, for carving, engraving, milling, grinding, sharpening, sanding, trimming, polishing, drilling and perfect for sanding pet nails.
Rechargeable and wireless LCD display, smarter speed and battery: charge for about 2 hours and continuous use up to 10 hours without cord. Equipped with a smart LCD display, which can clearly display the suitable rpm to choose and the precise remaining capacity of the battery to be recharged.
Portable and Lightweight Design: Designed with high quality aluminum alloy long life handpiece, low noise, low vibration, low heat for handling, suitable and safe to use. Suitable to transport.
Easy to use: Forward and reverse rotation switch suitable for right-handed or left-handed people. Variable speed control for different usage needs. Improved, smooth-running cordless handpiece with flexible extension. Twist lock piece to hold bits firmly and quickly release bits Make your manicure more efficient and perfect SAVE A LOT OF TIME.
Professional Service: Nail Drill gives you a SECURE and BEST manicure experience. We have 24 hour customer service. Any problem, please contact the seller first.

Using tips:

1. This nail drill is designed for acrylic gel nails. So if you want to remove the gel polish from natural nails but you are not a professional manicurist, please use the nail polish remover pads instead of nail drill to avoid damaging the bed of the nail polish remover. nail.

2. In order to meet the requirements of professional manicurists, this product is designed to have an adjustable rotational speed of 0-30000 RPM. Please adjust it slowly from a slow speed to a higher speed you like when you use it. Do not set it to the highest speed all at once to prevent the incorrect operation from hurting your nails.

3. High speed motor will inevitably generate heat, so please do not use the nail drill for too long every time. When you feel the nail drill is overheated, please stop using it immediately and wait for the heat to dissipate before using it again. (no more than 20 minutes of continuous use each time is recommended)

4. Please use the adapter in its original packaging. When the nail bit is rotating, please turn off the switch before replacing the nail bit.

5. Do not pull on the power cord or drop the unit or receive other shocks.

6. Please do not use the device when the connecting wires broke, and do not touch the plug with wet hand to avoid electric leakage, shock or fire. Do not use in damp or damp conditions / Only a dry cloth is allowed for cleaning.

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