10 Pack Nail Foil Transfer Stickers Flowers Thanksgiving Autumn Nail Art Decals Leaf Star Decoration

BEAUTIFUL NAIL STICKERS: The beautiful Thanksgiving Fall Nail Art is gorgeous and dreamy, like magic at your fingertips, which will definitely make your nails unique. Enjoy the fun of your own design however you like!
Fall Nail Foil Size: you just need to cut them according to the shape and needs when using and stick them on your nails. There are many stickers and they are very durable.
SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY: Our autumn nail stickers are made of special nail paper, which can be used for finger and toe nails, suitable for professional or home use. Non-toxic, healthy, good quality and will not cause any harm to nails. Safe, reliable and trustworthy.
CONVENIENT USE: Our fall nail foil is very simple to use, just press the foil onto the nails after applying the color polish, just a few seconds, you can get the fine design of nail art.
BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE GIFTS: No need to worry about what kind of gifts can please friends, relatives and colleagues! The beautiful starry sky and maple leaf patterns of our fall leaf nail art are in line with the aesthetic of women and deeply loved by women!

Why do you need our fall nail stickers?
– Our Fall Leaves Nail Art has lovely lovely maple leaves and starry sky patterns, which are women’s favorite items and suitable for many festivals such as Christmas and multiple events and occasions.
– Our stickers are safe and reliable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easy to store. Can be used on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc.
– Our autumn nail stickers are more durable, do not fade and make the style more natural.

Here is an instruction for use:
1. Apply base coat, cure for 60 seconds.
2. Apply nail glue, wait.
3. Check that the nail glue turns transparent.
4. Press the nail foil several times to get enough image.
5. Apply a long-lasting top coat.
6. Dry with UV lamp for 60 seconds and you’re done.

1. Prepare your nails and apply a base coat and dry them.
2. Apply colored nail polish (dark color is better) and pat dry (but not completely dry, keep it a bit sticky).
3. Press the nail foil on your nails for a while, then remove the foil.
4. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should stick to the nail and dry it.
5. Seal with a top coat to protect the foil.

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